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Tenacious Ventures

The Future of Fertilizer – Nitrogen, with Jupiter Ionics and Kula Bio

October 19, 2022

Bill Brady discusses leading teams bringing cutting edge nitrogen production methods to market in this podcast with Tenacious Ventures. This is the first episode in a series on the future of fertilizer, starting with Nitrogen - the N in NPK.


Nitrogen Fertilizer: Solving This Environmental And Humanitarian Crisis

June 1, 2022

Great insight from our CEO, Bill Brady


Venture Firms Back Startup Behind ‘Next Generation’ Nitrogen Fertilizer

January 28, 2022

Boston-based startup Kula Bio raised $50 million from venture funds to accelerate production of what it calls a “next generation” nitrogen fertilizer that’s designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional crop inputs.


Why we invested in Kula Bio

January 28, 2022

You can discover a wonderful soil microbe in the lab, and it can show great promise in the greenhouse. And it may even be effective at improving crop growth in your field trials. But these microbes tend to be unacceptably unreliable in the real world when they’re forced to compete with many other microbes and perform in many different soil types and environmental conditions. This is why, for five years, AgFunder did not invest in any soil microbial solutions until we met Kula Bio.

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