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Organic Kula-N Nitrogen Biofertilizer Is Now Available in New England! Click Here to Buy Now

Our Product

Introducing Kula-N

Non-GMO biofertilizer

Kula-N offers all types of farmers a high performance and cost-effective replacement for traditional nitrogen fertilizer.

Fast-acting and easy to apply

Kula-N retains all of the benefits of traditional nitrogen, including delivering immediate results, but is sustainable and doesn’t harm your soil or the environment. It’s free of pathogens and easy to apply to your fields through typical irrigation practices. 

Meeting consumer demand

Demand for more sustainable food continues to see double digit growth and federal, state and local governments are taking action to push the agricultural sector to limit nutrient losses and be more environmentally responsible. Kula-N is a low run-off solution that is designed to help farmers adapt while maintaining yield and revenue.

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